‘True Blood’ premiere review: The fate of Tara; the pain of Lafayette

Is Tara alive?

True Blood” is back, and it only took a matter of minutes for the hooks to be placed right back into us. Despite going into season 5 with fears that the show was starting to get a little bit long in the tooth, it ended up proving us wrong and then some.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers.)

While we have a feeling that just about everyone is going to be talking primarily about Tara’s transformation into a vampire at the very end of the episode, the standout moments were really courtesy of the minor characters. Nelsan Ellis has a tour de force sort of episode as Lafayette, as he struggled to balance the death of Jesus with contemplating ending his life and even trying to protect Sookie from revealing to Alcide what happened with the shooting of Debbie Pelt. On the opposite side of things, Chris Bauer was delightfully fun as we learned that Sheriff Andy did end up hooking up with Holly, and Jason Stackhouse’s storyline was mostly romantic as he dealt with both his feelings for Jessica and the Reverend’s newfound feelings for him.

It was through the help of Pam that Tara ended up being saved to begin with, and this is looking to be a rather interesting season for her as she starts to find out that Eric is seemingly gone from Bon Temps — and in addition to that, he has been keeping from her the fact that his “sister” Nora (with “sister” apparently being a code word for “we f–k like champions”) has a secretive post with the Vampire Authority. Nora tried to help Eric and Bill escape with a new identity, but it didn’t end up working out as well as she had hoped.

Despite the fact that we did see so many characters in a short amount of time, everyone seemed to have their due. We met Marcus’ mother as Alcide admitted to killing the former pack leader, and with this he spared Sam from a rather terrible fate. Meanwhile, we also saw a violent side to Terry as he was once again put into a violent position by his former Army pal Patrick, though we still don’t have any idea just what sort of secret is being hidden from the war just yet.

What did you think about the season premiere?

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