AMC’s ‘The Killing’ review: Is anyone in the clear for Rosie Larsen’s death?

What happened?

Last week on “The Killing,” we were met with what was a pretty major revelation –either Gwen or Jamie may have very well have been responsible for Rosie Larsen’s death. Did this really end up being the case? Read on to find out. (In other words, this contains spoilers!)

By the time this episode wrapped up, it’s may be fair to say that we ultimately have more questions still than we do answers. Is it possible that Jamie, Gwen, or even Michael is at least partly responsible for the death? Sure, and based on some security footage from the casino it does appear that they are the most likely suspects. However, there may be someone else still in the equation that is a mystery — and it is someone who called Richmond out of the blue and has apparently lied to him about something. We also still don’t know who is driving the campaign car, and why Gwen is refusing to answer any of Linden’s questions moving forward without being brought it. (It’s never a good sign…)

As much as Jamie still seems to be in the thick of things here, we’re also betting that he is not the guy — if for no other reason than that it feels too obvious. (Then again, maybe that’s part of the trick.) Regardless of who it is, though, the way Richmond is acting suggests yet again that he is very much involved.

Elsewhere in this week’s episode, we also saw another debate as Stan and Mitch are trying to figure out just what to do with their home, and whether or not it is best for them to sell it and try to move on from what happened with their daughter. While there may be hesitations, we are hoping that they do get the chance to take off and start a life elsewhere. Ultimately, Stan seems to be the logical thinker here — though Michelle Forbes may be in too much of a tailspin to think clearly after being MIA for most of the season.

What did you think about this episode?

Photo: AMC

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