‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2: What fairy tale characters do you want?

Where should the show go now?

When you have a show like “Once Upon a Time” that has such a wide pool of potential characters, it’s almost impossible to sit down and talk about the future of the show without pondering over what fairy tale characters would be the most interesting to see on TV. We’ve seen a few characters from selected works before (see “Alice in Wonderland”) — so why not see some more from that world? Or, why not take on a new fairy tale altogether?

As we move away from the season 1 finale and continue the long wait until the season 2 premiere, we’ve compiled five interesting potential new additions to Storybrooke moving forward — along with some suggestions as to who could play them. Agree? Disagree? Be sure to share your thoughts below!

1. The Little Mermaid -Executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have already said that they want Ariel on the show at some point this coming season, and from a creative standpoint this remains the most fascinating possibility in terms of how the show works within its budget to create an underwater world. Plus, this one character could lead to many others — see the Prince, another villain in Ursula, or her pals Flounder and Sebastian (at least if they are opting for the Disney version).

Joanna Garcia (“Better with You”) was once rumored for the part last year, but we would be equally happy to see either AnnaSophia Robb (“The Carrie Diaries”) or even a more surprising choice like Jane Levy (“Suburgatory”) take a leap. Do they have other commitments? Sure, and that’s the one realistic drawback — they wouldn’t have the time for a full-season arc.

2. The Giant – Fee, fi, fo, fum … I smell a role that’s perfect for Brad Garrett? It’s an obvious casting, but try as we may we can’t think of another person to take on the role unless they wanted to go a more creative route and make someone normal appear as a giant using some sort of technology – or magic!

There’s always been an interesting debate about this character, anyway, as from a storytelling perspective he does not necessarily have to be evil. We’ve already seen some of the smallest fairy tale creatures in fairies, so it only seems appropriate that we should look at the other end of the spectrum.

3. The White Rabbit – In the “Hat Trick” episode, we briefly did see a stuffed white rabbit that Jefferson’s daughter Grace wants badly. Why not go for the real thing? Michael Emerson may have another role on “Person of Interest,” but he seems perfect to capture both the mystery and the intrigue of the character. Plus, he has a connection to Kitsis and Horowitz already in “Lost.”

4. Aladdin -Just as having the White Rabbit would be a perfect excuse to see Sebastian Stan again, Aladdin could bring back Giancarlo Esposito’s Genie character into the mix. Storybrooke could use a few more fascinating men, and it would be interesting to see the character played a little bit older as someone who genuinely needed the magic of the lamp badly to change his life. (It’s like Rumpelstiltskin, except less evil!)

Ultimately, this seems like a role well-suited in our mind for Sendhil Ramamurthy (“Heroes,” “Covert Affairs”) — who could keep the tradition of the character while bringing something new to the table.

5. Rapunzel -Let down your hair! How could we not have Rapunzel on here? When you talk about fairy tales, she is one of the most-popular figures, and there could be all sorts of twists concerning why she is locked up in a tower.

Like with Aladdin, we also think this character could be interesting if she was a little bit older. Lauren Ambrose (“Six Feet Under”) would be a great choice to give the character an edgier quality, though “Lost” fans may be more keen to pull for Maggie Grace (Shannon).

What characters do you want to see on season 2, and who do you want to see playing them? Check back all summer, as we’ll have more features for the show along with speculation and casting!

Photo: ABC

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