‘Fear Factor’: Watch the unaired (and controversial) ‘donkey’ stunt (video)

Just in case you want to see it...

If you think back to earlier this year, you will probably remember what may very well be one of the most disgusting stunts in the history of “Fear Factor” — contestants having to drink something disgusting that comes only from a male donkey and as well as urine in a specified amount of time. Despite the stunt initially being cleared for production, it was ultimately ruled so disgusting that it never ended up getting on the air.

However, the stunt did recently air on television over in Denmark, so we now have it for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure, depending on your point of view). What actually ends up being a little bit stunning about this to us is that the overall presentation of the challenge is not really any more disgusting than watching people pull raw meat off of the ground or eat smoothies made of bugs. Is it gross? Definitely, but it’s hardly breaking new ground and with that in mind, we were stunned to see it pulled while so many others were allowed.

Considering that the revival of “Fear Factor” has already been canceled despite its strong start this past season, this is probably the last you will be hearing about donkey urine on this site. With that in mind, shouldn’t we all celebrate a little?

Photo: NBC

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