‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3: ‘Blood is the New Black’ sneak peeks!

Is there a new Jenna problem?

If you wanted evidence that “Pretty Little Liars” was about to take a dangerous turn, know this — someone is about to give the girls a bracelet made out of teeth with an ominous message attached. (Aren’t the messages always a bit ominous here?)

As horrifying as this moment looks to be on Tuesday night’s new episode “Blood is the New Black,” it’s overshadowed by what rather hilariously comes out of the necklace –which is something we won’t spoil for you without you first checking out the video for it below.

Away from dealing with “A,” it appears as though the Liars are going to be dealing with a brand-new version of “the Jenna problem” this week, mostly in that they are catching on that she is hiding the fact that she regained her sight at the end of last season. First, Officer Garrett tells Spencer at the prison that he needs to watch the behavior of some people she knows rather well — and then, she and her friends notice Jenna “acting more blind than usual” upon the first day of school. Does this in itself prove that she is hiding something deeper? Not necessarily, but there is a reason why she wanted everyone to continue to perceive her as blind.

Finally, Aria and Ezra this week are going to continue to figure out the new parameters of their relationship. Even though Aria’s newly-divorced mom is finally starting to accept that the two are together, her father is not ready to do the same thing — and thus, Ezra is having to drop her off three blocks away from her house. Also, there’s a new hire at the school involving Meredith that is certainly raising some eyebrows.

Do you think the Liars are going to uncover the truth about Jenna this week?

Photo: ABC Family

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