‘Grey’s Anatomy’ spoilers: The return of Cristina and Owen?

Cristina and Owen may get back together.

Are we going to see Cristina and Owen get back together on “Grey’s Anatomy“? There’s still no confirmation that it is going to happen, but Kevin McKidd does seem fairly confident that things are indeed heading in that direction for season 9.

Speaking to “Access Hollywood” in part to promote his upcoming feature film “Brave,” McKidd had the following to say about what has at times been a rocky and complicated romance:

“I think they’re gonna be OK. Nobody’s telling me, but I do think they’re the most complicated, in a way, of the couples, and the most tortured of the couples a lot of the time … On paper, they shouldn’t work as a couple, and that’s what I love about how they’ve written Christina and Owen — that they really get inside the heads of these two characters and sort of go, ‘Why are these people even together?’ And when they are, there’s a chemistry there that seems to work. And they struggle on… And I do think they’re going to be happy and good for each other.”

McKidd is ultimately feeling pretty good that Cristina is going to survive the plane crash long enough to be found, as she was in pretty good condition during the season finale. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for either Mark or Arizona — who each seemed to be dealing with some pretty serious injuries and were struggling to stay afloat.

Do you think this couple getting back together is a good thing, or are you worried since they were never really that happy when they were together? We’ll have more “Grey’s” scoop all summer leading up to the return of the show this fall.

Photo: ABC

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