‘Mad Men’ finale spoilers: Where is Pete’s mind?

How does Pete cope with tragedy?

With only one day remaining until the season 5 finale of “Mad Men,” there are plenty of questions floating around the internet — with one of the primary ones being how everyone at SCDP is going to react to the sudden death of Lane. In a way, so many of them are in part responsible — Don Draper is the one to ultimately force him out of the company, Joan becoming a partner brought attention to the finances, and even Pete was partially involving in putting Joan in a situation to make her late-night rendezvous with Jaguar happen. (Really, Roger Sterling is the only one without too much blood on his hands.)

When it comes to this show and creator Matthew Weiner’s desire to keep things under wraps, it’s expected that trying to get details about the season finale beforehand is like pulling teeth — however, Vincent Kartheiser was at least kind enough to open up to TV Guide in a new interview about just where Pete’s head is likely going to be leading into this final episode:

“Pete’s flustered. I think at this point, he’s shaken by what’s happened with Lane. He’s confident, but only business-wise. The Jaguar account is a good thing, but other than that, things haven’t been so smooth sailing for Pete this season. So I wouldn’t suspect he’s going to be in more of a stable place then he has been.”

In addition to Pete’s storyline, some other major questions when it comes to the finale (which you can see a teaser for below) include whether or not we will see Peggy again, whether Megan finally lands an acting job, and if Don yet again finds a way to pick SCDP up by its bootstraps and take it to the next level.

What do you anticipate seeing in the finale?

Photo: AMC

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