‘The Bachelorette’ rankings: Will Emily Maynard, Arie Luyendyk Jr last?

Is Arie still the man to beat?

It’s our third week of doing rankings for “The Bachelorette,” and there is one thing that is starting to become a constant — Emily Maynard seems to be leaning towards Arie Luyendyk Jr. as the winner of her season. The two have an obvious chemistry, were the first pair to kiss this season, and he seems to be on her mind even when he is not around.

With all of this in mind, this season’s becoming not so much a question of who can win, but if he loses it will revolve around what happened that kept him from going the distance.

5. Doug Clerget (last week: #3) – Do we still think that Doug could end up being a threat to win this season? Sure, and the fact that he is a single dad has to be something Emily looks at as a huge plus. However, she also has to look at the fact that most of the drama in the house at the moment is revolving around him. This was a problem when it came to Courtney Robertson last year, but the fact that she and Ben Flajnik ended up together seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

4. Chris Bukowski (last week: #5) – Chris is also an interesting contender in that Emily views his age as a giant red flag, but he doesn’t see it that way at all. Does he have a little bit of a hot streak? Definitely, and people like Doug (who seems to be a bit of a master manipulator) are aware of that and could end up exploiting him.

What Chris really does need to do if he wants to win here is try and find a way to tune out all of the background noise, and remember that his focus really is Emily and being with her.

3. Sean Lowe (last week: #2) – Emily clearly likes Sean “I take off my shirt for your friends” Lowe, and he also does seem to be doing a good job of avoiding some of the drama of the house. However, at some point the guy does need to break out and show something more than he has.

The previews for Monday night suggest that he is getting ready to make a name for himself in this competition — so maybe following that we will rank him a little higher.

2. Jef Holm (last week: #4) – It’s hard to figure Jef (or his hair) out. He’s almost the odd man out of our top five in that he’s not a muscular guy who likes to puff out his chest, but he also seems to have a connection with Emily all his own. He may not have the chemistry that she and Arie have yet, but he does have two roses from group dates.

Once Jef actually does have some one-on-one time with Emily, we should get a little bit of a better understanding just how these two really are together.

1. Arie Luyendyk Jr (last week: #1) – At this point, we really see ourselves putting Arie at the top either until someone else steps it up or Arie finds a way to sabotage himself. He and Emily really are that perfect at the moment.

It is a long season, though, and anything can happen — just remember that. Arie may be best suited to remember that he is constantly in a competition, and he cannot settle for just what he has done with Emily so far and expect her to not move forward with some of the other men.

Who do you think is the most-likely winner at this point, and what do you think could happen to damage Arie’s chances of winning the whole season?

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