‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoilers: Keegan Allen on Spencer / Toby romance

Can Toby have a real future with Spencer?

“Spoby” has quickly become one of the most-popular couples on “Pretty Little Liars,” and with this season already shaping up to be a rather intense one the questions are already arising as to whether or not they can survive. (After all, they have had plenty of bumps in the road already.)

No matter what happens during season 3, Keegan Allen does seem to be promising one thing in regards to his character — it’s going to be a crazy journey. Here is what he had to say on the very subject of his character’s relationship during a conference call with reporters this week:

“Yes, it is going to be an interesting ride, an interesting ride in the relationship; and Toby has evolved tenfold as the character that we knew him from Season 1 where he was this timid, off-put kind of outcast. Everybody didn’t like him, and we forget really quickly that he was tried for the [death] of Alison DiLaurentis. Now he’s like this carpenter and like has a girlfriend and it’s an on and off thing. So it’s definitely going to go through the roller coaster that every relationship does go through, but it’s very rewarding and the fans won’t be disappointed.”

The case of Alison’s death is going to be one that plays out in a new way now that her body has vanished, and one has to wonder if this will somehow put the target back on Toby yet again. At the moment, he appears safe — but how long can anyone really stay safe in a world like this?

Do you think Toby will be able to stay out of trouble for the rest of this season — both with his personal life and in terms of the Alison case?

Photo: ABC Family

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