‘The Pauly D Project’ review: Britney Spears and a proposal

The finale is drawing near.

While Thursday night was not the finale for “The Pauly D Project,” in many ways it felt as though it could have been. After all, what else is there to the show? We already know that Mary Jane is going to say yes to Biggie’s proposal, and Pauly D just had the highlight of his career in closing out the Britney Spears’ tour as the opening act.

Really, we are once again back at the major issue for this show — a general lack of content. Next week’s episode is going to focus on Pauly figuring out his future, and also performing a concert at a local high school. After being fully invested Thursday for the first time in weeks, it feels as though we are priming for a few steps back.

Away from the Britney concert and Biggie getting down on one knee, this episode did feature one other moment that we may consider to be one of the highlights for the entire season — Jerry agreeing to go streaking in the lobby in a wheelchair, just so that some of the guys would stop making fun of him for a while. As if this wasn’t horrifying enough to some unsuspecting guests, he also chose to do so wearing a mask containing a certain part of the male anatomy as the nose. (Plus, there was lube.)

Is “The Pauly D Project” the greatest show on TV? Not even close, but we were happy to see an episode without Ryan getting upset, and this did remind us of why the show has worked at times. These are the sort of guys we would want to hang out with, at least so long as they are in the sort of “no-drama mode” that they were in this week.

What did you think about this episode in total?

Photo: MTV

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