‘Modern Family’: Sofia Vergara, Nick Loeb get cozy, are they back together?

Will it work out for Sofia?

Mrs Carter: It’s hard not to root for these two to get back together – does true love really conquer all?

Modern Family” actress Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb ended their relationship last month, but the way these two exes were acting towards each other while out at the preview of Bagatelle New York last night it seems that they may not remain apart for too much longer.

A source revealed to People Magazine that the pair was seen cuddling up together in a booth with a few of their friends. An eye witness said;

“They we’re laughing a lot and would embrace each other with long hugs.”

The owners made Vergara a special Bagatelle Mega Sundae and Loeb was seen spoon feeding it to her – totally adorable!  Another source said that the party didn’t end at Bagatelle, and that the group made their way to Double Seven later that evening.  They said;

“Sofia was having the time of her life dancing around Bagatelle and chatting up the deejay.  They later went to Double Seven and they seemed really affectionate all night. They embraced each other and you can tell they’re still in love.”

As much as we want to see these two get back together, Loeb’s representative said that even though they still care deeply for each other, the pair still have some differences to work out if they are going to make the relationship work out later on down the road.  The rep said;

“Nick is crazy about her, and they do have heated arguments and disagreements, but they enjoy many of the same things and have been seeing each other again.  There are compromises to work out on both sides.”

When you feel passionately about someone it’s always difficult not to let that passion take over when disagreements arise, but maybe Sofia and Nick’s time apart was enough to show them that they need to find a way to deal with the situation or they are going to lose each other forever and there’s nothing more tragic then lost love.

Photo: ABC, Bob D’Amico

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