‘The Bachelorette’: Charlie Grogan questions some of Emily Maynard’s men

Charlie left the show Monday night.

Even though Charlie Grogan is no longer a contestant on “The Bachelorette,” he is still singing a tune that should be familiar to many of the show’s fans at the moment — one suggesting that not everyone who is left is there for the right reasons.

Speaking in a conference call with reporters following his elimination, the 32-year old would unfortunately not name anyone in particular as to who could have ulterior motives for being in the competition — and of course, many of them have to do with being a part of a major TV show:

“I get the feeling that there’s a lot of guys there for other things and opportunities that can come out of being on a TV show. You know, for myself, I don’t act, I don’t sing, I don’t dance, I don’t model. So I was going on this for just the experience alone so that when I’m 60, and I talk to my kids or I’m a grandfather, I can be like, “I was on a TV show and it was great. The experience was wonderful.” 

Two of the men have already appeared to be obviously there for drama purposes more so than anything else — Ryan (who has already hinted that he wants to be the next “Bachelor” in some confessionals) and Kalon (who is being hyped up as one of the potential villains for this season even though he really hasn’t done much to earn that title at this point).

The unfortunate thing about Charlie is that he seems to be one of the nice-guy contestants this season who was sent packing early, even while some men who remain are not exactly there with the best of intentions.

Who do you think on this season is there for fame more so than being with Emily?

Photo: ABC

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