‘Punk’d’ review: Mac Miller bombs with Wiz Khalifa, Neil Patrick Harris

You can't fool everyone.

For the past several weeks, one of our primary complaints when it comes to “Punk’d” has been that some of the actors are making it a little too obvious that what they are doing is not exactly real — and with that, it was almost a given that they were do for some stunts not working out.

With Mac Miller’s show Thursday, we witnessed a half-hour with only one real successful prank, and two that were so ridiculous it was easy for the stars to figure them out.

Wiz Khalifa – The problem with these pranks about police is that if the mark has been arrested before, they know what to expect. With that, Wiz knew something was up the moment the “cop” did not cuff him in regards to a robbery that was happening at a weed store next door to an ATM his friend was using.

With that in mind, we pose this question — why make it a weed store? That is too big of a coincidence for anyone to believe. Grade: D-

Neil Patrick Harris – While this was not any more successful, it was at least a funny idea — plant a bear in someone’s car, and then try to figure out how to get it out. Neil’s husband David Burtka was in on it, and that did not even help.

Once again, the premise of the prank was not that believable — and to make matters worse, everyone was acting far too calm for the fact that there was a bear rummaging through cars. The fact that it was the world’s cheesiest picnic basket that supposedly lured him in didn’t help. Grade: D+ (the plus being for the bear)

Darrelle Revis – Finally, Darrelle turned things around for us by getting completely and totally blindsided by a prank that was much better executed … mostly because it’s something that could feasibly happen to him. He was driving in a car with an overzealous fan behind the wheel, and in the midst of talking about the jets he ran the car straight into mud.

In a panic to protect his image, Revis even started recording everything with his phone before Mac Miller ended up lifting the curtain. It was a nice way to end the show, mostly because an episode without a single success story would have been pathetic. Grade: A-

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Would you have fell for some of the night’s unsuccessful pranks?

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