Fox’s ‘The Choice’ review: Did Pauly D, Cat Deeley make it worthwhile?

The show premiered Thursday night.

In case you missed it, Fox’s new two-hour “romance block” kicked off with a surprisingly fun show in “Take Me Out.” So did “The Choice” managed to keep the good fortune going? Let’s just say that Cat Deeley — and most of the celebrities probably deserve better.

What made “Take Me Out” interesting was that its premise allowed for the men and women to share some creativity about themselves beyond just superficial “are you hot?” questions. Meanwhile, “The Choice” had celebrities — but really no substance to it at all. The celebrities — in this case Romeo, Jason Cook, DJ Pauly D, and Jeremy Bloom — only seemed to take it seriously part of the time, and the ladies really wasted too much time convincing the stars to “turn their chair around” (a la “The Voice”) by talking about their physical appearance rather than the kind of person that they are. (They’re not supposed to know what you look like!) Each celebrity chose three ladies for their “team”, and in the end they narrowed the field down to one — but we sadly didn’t get to see the end result of the “Choice” on-camera. (We will find that out next week.)

Despite the ridiculous premise, we will at least give Deeley and the stars credit for being game to make fun of themselves (in particular Jason Cook and his totally epic “bacon” shirt) — but we also think the “So You Think You Can Dance” host has more fun with Nigel Lythgoe and company. The chairs were also a bit too much on the swivel, since what made “The Voice” interesting was that it only happened occasionally and it felt like something special.

What “The Choice” has going for it is that there are different stars every week, and on the basis of that alone we are tempted to watch again. However, we also hope that there is a bit more originality moving forward with the contestants rather than people we will mostly forget about the next day. The only person who was memorable? The woman who ended up blowing her chances by accidentally convincing Jason to go with the other candidate.

What did you think about this show’s premiere?

Photo: Fox

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