‘Take Me Out’ premiere review: Is this your new guilty pleasure?

The show premiered Thursday night.

As someone who takes television rather seriously, it’s almost hard to admit this — but we had a blast watching the premiere of “Take Me Out” Thursday night. Do we wish that George Lopez had fewer canned lines that he was required to say? Sure — but this was actually the sort of fun, breezy summer TV that you can sit down to and laugh before heading out to a party.

The basic premise of the show was pretty simple — a bachelor comes out to try and sell himself to a group of women, and over the course of three rounds the ladies can choose to push a button and opt out of a chance at a date. If there are any women remaining at the end of the the three rounds, the men can ask the girls a question and figure out just who they want to actually date. Their reward? A trip to George Lopez’s backyard the Take Me Out Resort.

What was particularly interesting about this show was that unlike “The Bachelor,” the show actually did a good job at giving us a unique group of guys. Of course, we’re pretty sure the one dancing around in a silver speedo was some sort of prank, he can’t be for real… right? Two of the guys did end up getting dates, though we will have to wait and see just how these end up going next week.

Maybe it is that our expectations were low for “Take Me Out,” but it was overall just a great time that really is perfect summer TV. It’s cheesy, it’s over-the-top, but it could be a pop-culture phenomenon if it plays its cards right and finds an audience.

What did you think about this premiere?

Photo: Fox

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