‘The Bachelorette’ promo: Emily Maynard finds her inner fire

Emily's not smiling here...

Do you really want to make Emily Maynard angry? Based on the steam that we see pouring out of her ears during a new promo for Monday night’s new episode of “The Bachelorette,” this seems like one of the worst ideas imaginable.

While the video below does not paint the entire situation out for us, it is not looking to be a good scene for one man who tries to make it seem as though her daughter is a liability more than a loving member of his potential family. Based on some other previews that have been released, we can confirm that this man in question refers to her as “baggage.”

As to who this man could be, there’s no confirmation — but you have to remember that “Bachelorette” producers would not make a guy out to be a hero, and then turn around and blindside us the next week by having that same person say something so awful that Emily promptly kicks them off the show. With that in mind, it’s fair to rule out Jef, Arie, Sean, and more than likely both Chris and Doug (despite him being at the center of some drama). The most likely candidates are Kalon and Ryan, mostly because we have seen them say some rather arrogant things already on the show. In the case of Kalon, he has already expressed his feelings about coming into a family with a daughter that is not his own.

Who do you think is the man responsible, and would you have handled this situation in the same way if you were Emily?

Photo: ABC

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