Anderson Cooper rips Amanda Bynes’ plea after DUI charges (video)

Anderson's having fun at Bynes' expense.

Remember when Amanda Bynes was being compared to the next Lucille Ball? Those were the days. With her quick wit and knack for physical comedy, there were some moments where the former Nickelodeon star looked as though she was going to have a lengthy (and high-profile) career as one of the go-to funny ladies of Hollywood.

Unfortunately, all of that started to fall off the rails years ago, culminating in a recent arrest for DUI that Bynes’ legal team is fighting under the claim that she doesn’t drink. What Anderson Cooper chose to rip on Wednesday night, though, was not whether or not she actually committed the crime. Instead, he used his “RidicuList” segment on “AC360” to mock the actress for trying to involve President Barack Obama in helping her to obtain justice.

Here is what Bynes originally tweeted out to the President about the incident:

“Hey @BarackObama… I don’t drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end.”

Anderson used this message as fodder to come up with a segment revolving mostly around things that are more important than a Twitter message from Amanda Bynes — which include Twitter messages from Kanye West and a squirrel on water-skis.

Check out the full video via CNN below:

Photo: CNN

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