‘Once Upon a Time’ spoilers: Will season 2 start with a time jump?

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When it comes to new seasons, it’s pretty standard practice for shows to take a pretty big leap forward in time. “Desperate Housewives,” “True Blood,” and “Dexter” are three shows that have used a major time jump to establish a new sort of setting for their characters … but “Once Upon a Time” will not be joining their ranks for season 2.

Speaking to TVLine, writer / producer Jane Espenson reveals that the show will really be kicking off their season 2 action mere minutes after what we saw during during the first year — but that does not mean we will see anything even remotely similar happen:

“We’re picking up right where we left off, but where we left off was in the middle of a veer in a different direction. Season 2 will be different than Season 1.”

Now that we are in a lengthy hiatus, it seems as though the next big thing for fans of ‘Once Upon A Time’ to look forward to is Comic-Con in July, though it is possible that the show could at least score a few technical nominations for the Primetime Emmy Awards next month. The most likely person to receive an acting nod is Robert Carlyle (Rumpelstiltskin), and he will have some pretty heavy competition.

Rumpelstiltskin will play a heavy role early on in season 2 — after all, he and the Evil Queen are seemingly the only two people who know how to use magic in a world that is now infested with it.  Will evil reign supreme?  We’ll have to wait and see.

Photo: ABC

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