‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoilers: Mona (finally) speaks!

Who's dealing with Mona now?

Even though Mona was a presence during the season premiere of “Pretty Little Liars” on Tuesday, she was also someone who did not utter a single word for the entirety of the episode as she stared off into space while Hanna tried to explain her need for answers.

However, some of that looks to be changing next week during the episode “Blood is the New Black.” Now that the Liars are back at the mercy of someone posing as “A,” they are going to try and use Mona for information — mostly in how to destroy a person who is using many of the same strategies that she used to intimidate, frighten, and even destroy one of her own best friends.

As for if Mona will actually help Hanna, Spencer, Aria, or Emily, it has to be doubtful at the moment. Why would she suddenly turn around and be nice after trying to kill them? The new promo for the episode below does suggest that Jenna is the new enemy, but we once again are inclined to believe this is a red herring more than some sort of actual evidence that she is the Black Swan or someone else coming after the Liars in a malicious way.

Check back over the coming days, as we’ll have more leading up to this episode airing.

Photo: ABC Family

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