‘So You Think You Can Dance’ review: Bring on Dragon House

The greatness continued.

Do you love Atlanta? After watching Melanie Moore audition in the city last year on “So You Think You Can Dance” — coupled with this week’s stellar crop of dancers — and we’re starting to petition that this show hit up the city every year.

Just during these two hours, we had a grandmother accost Nigel Lythgoe, a woman obsess over bacon, and a dance crew show off three standouts of their lineup.

Day One (and everyone here is advancing to Las Vegas)

Audrey Case – Nigel was right about one thing — why did Audrey put on her application that she can fart with her neck? Thankfully, her dancing was not nearly as gross.

Boris Penton, Andre Rucker, and Cyrus Spencer – Three members of the popular dance crew Dragon House got the opportunity to perform for the judges, and every single one of them was fantastic. The best one in our mind was Cyrus, mostly because we are pretty sure he is secretly the Terminator and is out to destroy all of civilization with his slick (and “buck,” to quote Lil’ C) moves.

“Karate Selena Gomez lover guy” – What else can you really call this guy? Someone should probably tell him that Selena is dating Justin Bieber. Outside of this, he did some pretty great karate-themed hip-hop, though we are still wondering how Nigel was able to ascertain “good” ballet skills from the random solo he put together after being prompted to do so.

Jackson Alvarez – What made this dance special was that it really felt like it was part of some sort of mad dance-off at a disco club rather than an actual audition. He also introduced us to the “wobble.”

Janelle Isis – We had our first bellydancer of the season this week, and it was a fascinating performance. What is really more notable here, though, is that this young woman does more than just this style of dance — meaning that she could go farther than just Vegas.

Danielle Dominguez – Danielle loves bacon. Seriously. As much as we love the meaty stuff, we can’t see ourselves enjoying it so much that we would throw it up in the air and let it fall all over our faces as she did during her intro package. As for dancing, it was great — albeit a little unusual.

Day Two

Courtney Kirby – Despite the producers trying to distract us as much as humanly possible by talking about her grandmother almost endlessly, Courtney turned out to be a rather fantastic dancer who didn’t even have to sweat it out.

Asher Walker – This guy’s ambitious is to actually be a backup dancer for Justin Bieber. Is it a strange dream to have? Sure, but he actually has the look along with the dance moves in order to make it happen. Anyone who can make wearing a cardigan for a hip-hop routine look cool is worth a ticket to Vegas.

George Lawrence II – The original George Lawrence wanted an extremely athletic son, so hopefully after this he is going to realize that dancing is more athletic than just about anything else out there. For an audition without much room for storytelling, we were surprisingly moved by what he put out on the stage.

Brittany Ortner – Brittany’s biggest claim to fame is being from a town that lets chickens run rampant. Why would they do this? Who knows — maybe they love their little feathery mascots. The judges sent her first to choreography, but she was then off to Vegas.

Deon Lewis and Damon Bellmon – After finding out that the show really did them dirty last season, we feel bad for these guys. They were accused of ripping off their choreography from an act on YouTube, even though they said in some unaired footage that it was meant to be a tribute rather than original choreography. Finally, they got some due respect this year, but they had to go through choreography. Damon ended up making it through, but Deon did not.

Who was your favorite from this week’s audition episode? While we thought we would hate seeing great dancing only once a week, it’s turned out to be a blessing — mostly because it’s made us cherish the great performances we’re seeing even more.

Photo: Fox

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