‘True Blood’ season 5 spoilers: Will the Eric / Sookie / Bill love triangle continue?

True Blood is back June 10th

Only 4 more days until the highly anticipated season 5 premiere of ‘True Blood’ airs on HBO, but for all the fans out there that just can’t wait until Sunday to find out what’s happening with their favorite characters, we have a few juicy tidbits for you.

Alexander Skarsgard, Stephen Moyer and Joe Manganiello spoke to E! News about what fans can expect for season 5 of ‘True Blood’ and although they didn’t exactly give everything away, they did narrow a few things down.

Fans are dying to know who dug up Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare) and while Moyer said“I can’t tell you who dug up Russell Edgington because it’s a very major plot point,” Skarsgard revealed that Eric wasn’t behind the act: “It definitely wasn’t Eric.  Eric would never do that.”

As for Alcide’s role in the situation – he said; “It wasn’t Alcide. I’ll tell you that much.” So while no one knows who it was that did the digging, we at least we can strike two people off the list.

As for the Eric, Bill, and Sookie love triangle, Moyer says that because of something major that happens that storyline will be on the back burner for a while:

“I think he’s (Bill) got other things on his mind. There’s just not time to worry about that relationship. When we left Bill and Eric last time, Sookie had just told them she was going in a different direction for a while. And then something major happens to them and they are completely caught up with dealing with that.”

While many of the men in Bon Temps are falling all over themselves to get with Sookie, there is one person who has no interest in her what so ever – that person is Alcide.  Manganiello said;

“You’re going to see him pick up where he left off last season, which was pissed, and you’re really going to see his transformation this season into the big bad wolf.  This is the season I’ve been waiting for since I’ve been on the show.”

The ‘True Blood’ premiere will be airing on Sunday June 10th at 9 pm on HBO.  Will you be watching?

Photo: HBO

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