‘The Glee Project’ interview: Maxfield Camp on possible ‘Glee’ character

Maxfield was sent packing early.

On Tuesday night, we paid a sad adieu to a man who became one of our “Glee Project” favorites in just a short amount of time — 22-year old country singer Maxfield Camp. He went into the show without much theatre experience, but still managed to bring a different element to the show that is not usually there. Unfortunately, this was still not enough to keep him around past the first episode and he was sent packing.

We had a brief chance to chat with Maxfield on Wednesday, and found him to be funny and rather entertaining — especially when it comes to his thoughts on show co-creator Ryan Murphy.

Cartermatt.com – Ryan acted on the show like he would have a hard time writing for you, and I actually thought you brought something to ‘Glee‘ that isn’t quite there already. So what sort of character do you think you would have played on the show?

Maxfield Camp – Knowing Ryan, I know with Damian last year … he was Irish, so they made him a┬áleprechaun. I know with me if I would have been on the show they would have had me in cowboy hat, had me walking in on a horse, all that stuff. I would’ve played it close to myself. I grew up playing sports, so I probably would have been a jock. I would have brought completely different sort of edge or feel to ‘Glee’ that hasn’t been seen before due to country music.

Cartermatt.com – Did you have any chance to make some sort of good friendships while you were there with the other cast members?

Maxfield Camp- We all grew really close, very fast. At the end when I ended up leaving, that was tough. The toughest thing was to leave all of these really great people that I became such good friends with.

Do you feel that Ryan made a mistake in sending home Maxfield so early, especially when he brought something new to the table?


Photo: Oxygen

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