‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Did you see Andrew De Leon coming?

Who did you like?

For the second straight day, “America’s Got Talent” spent some time in Austin — and with that, some creative acts came out to compete. We seriously had a mind-reader, a singing duo who were mocked for their relationship, and a guy nearly chainsawed his significant other’s face off.

Were any of them really worthy of a million dollars? That may still be up for debate.

The good acts

Aurora Light Painters – After watching a few of these acts, we admit that we are a little bit over watching people on “AGT” with flashing lights. How much more can people do when it comes to light tricks? It was entertaining, but not as exciting as it would have been if it came on this show a few years ago.

Eric & Olivia – If Adam Levine was watching this, he would probably be smiling ear to ear for this wonderfully jazzy rendition of “Moves Like Jagger.” Doesn’t Eric from this musical duo look a little bit like the guy from the movie “Once”? We almost wanted them to sing “Falling Slowly” just for that. Everyone else, meanwhile, just wanted them to start dating.

Eric Dittleman – In what may be one of the coolest things we have seen in multiple seasons on this show, Eric lived up to his “mind-reader” title. He guessed perfectly what all three judges drew on a sheet of white paper, and we don’t know how he did it. (Was the duct tape he was wearing see-through? It’s the only thing we can think of.)

Andrew De Leon – When this 19-year old came on stage with his goth look and bizarre contact lenses, we thought this was either going to be a joke or a Criss Angel tribute act. Instead, it was one of the most beautiful opera performances ever to be on this stage.

Before we get into the possibility of a singer winning this competition yet again, let’s forget about the future and just focus on the present — and this was a great moment that has redeemed at least part of this season talent-wise.

The bad acts

Doppleganger Circus Sideshow – As a lover of sideshow acts, we had some high hopes for the act — but instead, the only thing that really came out of this was that we saw a poor girl get lockjaw while biting down on a apple that some guy was carving an “H” into.

Richard Grossman – Sometimes, “AGT” can be a pretty tricky show. This guy looked like he would be a good opera singer, but the moment the producers started to mock him in his intro package we knew there was going to be some trouble here.

Who was your favorite performer from the second half of the Austin auditions?

Photo: NBC

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