‘Hell’s Kitchen’ review: Gordon Ramsay’s up to his old tricks…

Ramsay's begging for drama.

If you are a contestant on “Hell’s Kitchen,” know this — it is sometimes better to be interesting than it is to be good. If you are polarizing and argumentative, you are probably going to last for at least a few weeks into the competition.

For a prime example here, just look at what happened with Royce this week. Despite the guy blowing it during dinner service during Monday night’s new episode (no less while making mashed potatoes), he ended up staying in the competition while Chris — a guy who had his first major mistake this week courtesy of scallops — was sent packing for getting “frazzled” too easily in the kitchen. What was the real difference between the two? Royce is causing problems, and Chris is hardly that interesting.

As entertaining as this show is, producers have found a way to make it even less of a competition this season thanks to the sadist known as Chef Scott — who, one episode after pretending to shave people’s heads, made the guys drink a scallop smoothie after they lost the first challenge and had to face a punishment. Do we really need this show to be “Fear Factor”? Not so much.

Overall, it still looks as though the guys are going to be completely and totally be crushed this season — while the women have plenty of their own dysfunction (just look at what’s happening with Barbie feud against everyone on the red team), we have yet to see the men really do a single thing right.

Did you think that the smoothie stunt was a little much, and who are you currently rooting for to win?

Photo: Fox

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