‘Pretty Little Liars’ premiere review: Bring your ‘A’ game

It's back...

When we last watched an episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” we vented some of our frustration when it came to Maya being “A” and our sense of surprise being lost — however, everything started to make much more sense following Monday night’s pretty spectacular premiere.

With that being said, there was one major question that still must be answered — why in the world is Hannah still visiting Mona in the institution? She is doing it in secret as a way to find out answers, but considering that Mona is not talking, she is really not figuring out anything on the subject.

There were also some other major changes when it comes to some of Rosewood residents — Aria’s parents are divorcing, Lucas has been up to some creepy behavior, and Jenna spent most of the summer away from the town. Even with so many people in different places, though, surprisingly so much was still the same — the Liars are still battling an unknown entity (as someone unearthed Alison’s body and tried to blame Emily for it), and all the while they are constantly in fear for their lives. Whoever is pulling the strings this time, though, may be the most dangerous version of “A” yet.

The final ten minutes of the episode was with the Liars in a rather familiar position — talking to the police about Alison’s body getting dug up. They have decided to cover up their actual involvement in the case … and some other things to go along with it. Spencer is talking in secret with Officer Garrett and Hanna has opted to keep seeing Mona (even though she did admit it to her friends at the end of the episode). The twist? Someone else has also been paying her visits, albeit in disguise.

Moving forward this season, there seems to be two mysteries — who is the helper, and what happened “that night” that Emily found herself at Alison’s grave. Considering that someone other than the Liars cleared up “A’s” lair, there is most definitely a new target.

What did you think about this premiere, and who do you think is causing trouble in Rosewood now?

Photo: ABC Family

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