‘MasterChef’ premiere review: Who impressed Gordon Ramsay?

How was the premiere?

It’s been a long wait, but one of the breakout hits of last summer is now back — “MasterChef.” Thankfully, the show did not drift far from its roots for a premiere Monday night that had a little bit of everything, whether it be delicious food or memorable contestants.

So who ended up impressing Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Graham Elliot? Here are some of the more memorable contestants to step into the kitchen.

Michael – The first contestant was a 19-year old college student who made some impressive-looking Chinese dumplings. Could this kid be the wunderkind of the whole competition?

Monti – She has a son named Danger. Seriously. As bizarre as she is, we think the idea of a Cuban’s shepherd’s pie is actually pretty appetizing. Joe thought she was just presenting shtick just to stand out, but both Gordon and Graham were willing enough to give her a substantial shot at winning this moving forward.

Samantha – At 18, she is the youngest person to ever take part in this competition. As a matter of fact, she is still in high school! Despite her age, she still made a pretty delicious-looking carrot cake with some raspberries to boot. However, she did not end up going forward, mostly because the judges still felt she had some room to grow.

Ryan – There’s nothing more entertaining than watching Ramsay put people in their place, and our chef did just that with a man who acted a bit too pretentious for his own good. The good news was that his short ribs still won some high praise.

Josh – He is easily the tallest guy to ever be on the show, and we love the fact that this seven-footer was really more interested in becoming a chef than doing what everyone else wants him to do in be a professional basketball player. His shrimp looked so good that we wanted to pry them off the TV, and it’s a joy to have him still around.

Shami – What excites us about this show is the prospect of seeing all sorts of food over the course of its run time — and Shami’s Zimbabwe-inspired cuisine fit the bill. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it through based on one key mistake that many home cooks make — not enough seasoning.

Audrey – We barely saw Audrey during the episode, but she did something rather incredible in making edible caricatures of the judges that just so happened to be delicious.

Christine – Before Christine even started cooking, she was already an inspiration — she is the first blind contestant in the history of “MasterChef,” and the fact that she came on this show was daring in itself.

What Christine seemed to actually realize here is that there was one advantage to being blind in this competition — she wouldn’t be concerned with what some of the other chefs are doing. Her Vietnamese catfish was absolutely outstanding in the judges’ eyes, and that was enough to get her through to the next round regardless of her story.

What did you think about this premiere, and are automatically rooting for Christine after what you saw her do?

Photo: Fox

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