‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Tim Poe’s story shines in Austin auditions

Let's hope you like cannons.

America’s Got Talent” continued what has been a season-long tradition with Monday night’s new episode — namely, delivering great entertainment despite the overall talent pool being the worst since the show began years ago. At least the Austin auditions did provide some memorable acts that have not appeared on the show before, including a sensational sand artist and a man who literally decided to shoot himself out of a cannon.

With that, let’s get to the highlights!

The good

Sebastien de la Cruz – Is this the first-ever mariachi act on “America’s Got Talent”? If nothing else, it’s certainly the first one that has actually been worth writing about.

For only being ten years old, Sebastien is a little star with a perfect voice for the sort of act that he is. However, we do have to ask the question as to whether or not this can win a million dollars without changing anything — mostly because there are hundreds of acts just like this around the country.

Bandbaz Brothers – These two acrobats came on stage and literally did something that has never been done on the show before — a balancing act involving just a bar and a ladder that was simply astonishing. The moment we saw a man balance another man on just his head, it quickly became something straight out of an awesome science fiction movie. We want to see more — and thankfully, we will.

Tim Poe – Chalk this up to be the second-most-powerful audition to Garth Brooks’ “Tomorrow Never Comes” in the history of this show (behind of course “chicken catcher” Kevin Skinner). While Tim was a fine singer, his portion of the show was devoted more to his story as a war veteran who suffered a brain injury while serving in Afghanistan. His odds of actually winning this season were slim, but it was nice to have someone who is a genuine war hero have his moment in the sun.

Joe Castillo – Over the past few years, we have seen a few acts that have used lightning to create that extra effect — but what made this sand artist particularly exciting was what he was able to do multiple pieces of art in a tiny amount of time. It was incredible, and we can’t wait to see what sort of pieces he will come up with next.

David Smith Jr. – It’s almost unfathomable what would make someone want to be shot out of a cannon for a living, but David is that guy. It was dangerous and entertaining, but we do have one question — can we really watch the same thing all season? David needs to find some other way to mix it up for the Vegas round and potentially the live shows.

The bad

Lulu – It is pretty easy to be snarky about an overweight pole dancer, so we’re not going to do it. Instead, we’ll just give her credit for going out there and being confident. Nick Cannon wearing a sequined bra and going along with it, though, may have very well been the icing on the cake.

What act was your favorite from the Austin audition, and do you think a guy getting shot out of a cannon can be worth a million dollars?

Photo: NBC

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