‘Veep’ review: The firing squad

Season 1 is nearly over already.

As we near the end of “Veep’s” far-too-short first season, the episodes continue to keep getting better and better — in particular as we start to know some of the characters surrounding Selina Meyer even better. Are the always likable? Not really, but they are at least interesting with some of the ways in which they choose to operate.

A prime example happened Sunday night, when Mike, Dan, and Amy all formed a pact to all go down together if Selina decided to fire one of them over the Secret Service fiasco that we choose to affectionately call “smile-gate.” Was it obvious that none of them had any intention of actually following through with this? Sure, but these are the sort of ruthless people that will say or do anything to get ahead.

Luckily, all three of them did end up saving their jobs for now, but mostly due to Amy deciding to take the fall for both the pregnancy rumors (which hit the press mostly thanks to Gary — otherwise known as the only person in the Vice-President’s Office who actually cares — forgetting to take off his name tag at a drugstore) and the Secret Service firing. Are they still on thin ice? Sure, but mostly because the entire organization is at this point.

As awkward as watching these three try to save their jobs was, even this didn’t hold a candle to what may be one of the funniest moments we’ve seen all season — Selina putting Gary in charge of breaking up with her boyfriend Ted, mostly because she didn’t want him to be able to do it to her. It both a fantastic display of political power and a rare moment of pure vulnerability for Selina, who rarely allows her feelings to ever supersede her snark.

Ultimately, there are so many winning performances on this show now that it is hard to know where to start when it comes to handing out praise. What we really can say is that this show has done an amazing job of keeping us interested in some lives that we really don’t have any business being interested in — mostly because none of these people are the sort that we would want to meet on the street.

What did you think about Sunday night’s new episode?

Photo: HBO

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