AMC’s ‘The Killing’ review: The key card revelation

Did you see this coming?

With there only being a pair of episodes left now until the season finale of “The Killing” (and the reveal of who killed Rosie Larsen), we are finally starting to see some answers to match all of the questions that we have. However, what we certainly didn’t expect was the reveal of who the key card belonged to.

While Richmond has been one of the biggest suspects in the case since the beginning, the fact that it likely belonged to one of his aides in Gwen and Jamie already has us wondering — just how motivated would they have been to make this happen? It’s always possible that someone else planted the card (or that Richmond used it for his own), but this reveal once again serves as evidence that this case may stretch far deeper than just Rosie.

This was not the only major move in this episode, though, as we finally saw a pair of other storylines (which have often felt as afterthoughts to the main story) come to a bit of a conclusion. Richmond finally came clean about his own jaded past in an effort to be more empathetic to voters — and while it’s to be seen if it works, it was a far better idea than his past coming out in a different way.

Meanwhile, we also saw the end of Janek at the hands of Alexi — a moment that was largely only nice in how Stan wasn’t involved. This story has always felt a bit distracted, mostly because we like to see Stan more dealing directly with the Rosie case (even if the plot was executed well here). The good news here is that this story’s possible end signals that Stan’s time will be a little more freed up.

As rough as some of us in the media have been on “The Killing” this season, Sunday night’s episode was some stellar work in TV magic. Billy Campbell proved once again that he is one of the most underrated actors out there, and despite the long wait the grand reveal of Rosie’s killer is looking like it may be very well worth it.

What did you think about this week’s episode?

Photo: AMC

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