2012 MTV Movie Awards: Russell Brand skewers Justin Bieber, Charlie Sheen

Russell opened the show.

Russell Brand took to the stage Sunday night as the host for the 2012 MTV Movie Awards — and by and large, he totally killed it with an opening monologue that mocked everything from Justin Bieber fighting a member of the paparazzi to Michael Fassbender, Charlie Sheen (the one person he claims to be crazier than he is), and Kim Kardashian.

Surprisingly, though, the person Russell has the most fun with at the show was himself. He chose to make fun of Kim thanks to her having a celebrity marriage that was shorter than his own to Katy Perry, and at the end of the show he claimed that he was going to marry someone that he found in the audience. (This is a reference to the fact that he first met Katy while at the MTV Video Music Awards.)

Away from his own self-parody, what really made this opening work was Russell’s understanding of how the viewing public felt about a few select movies. Every couple of minutes, he randomly yelled out “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games” in order to get the ladies in the audience screaming — and to keep them on his side.

Stay tuned — once there is video of the opening, we’ll have it for you here. What do you think about how he opened the show?

Photo: MTV

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