‘Game of Thrones’ finale review: Dany and a world undying

Did you see this coming?

Is there a series that moves as quickly as “Game of Thrones“? It seems that just mere weeks ago we were talking about the beginning of season 2, and now the show has already reached its end.

Of course, don’t read of if you want to avoid spoilers from the stellar season finale.

The biggest events in this episode were not of the same jaw-dropping quality as seeing Dany survive with dragons in her arms — but they were still very much incredible.

-Tywin Lannister has now found himself in the position of Hand of the King thanks to an alliance with the Tyrells, and Margaery has now aligned herself perfectly to be Joffrey’s future bride rather than Samsa Stark. Unfortunately, this does not mean that Samsa is out of the water. Instead, she is going to have to continue to live in this situation unless she takes an offer by Littlefinger to escape.

-Meanwhile, Tyrion Lannister now pretty much is back where he started — nowhere. Despite getting a pretty decent offer to escape, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Expect the show’s smallest man to fight back in a big way during season 3, and for Peter Dinklage to earn himself another Emmy nomination following his heartbreaking work this week.

-In going back to the Starks for a moment, both Bran and Arya are now definitely on the run to different locales. Meanwhile, Robb is going against his family’s wishes and marrying his true love rather than the one he is promised to.

-Theon is … well, let’s just say that he learned the hard way that being the most reckless man alive has severe consequence. What is dead may … well, let’s just say that in his case what is dead is dead. Okay, he is in actuality alive … but it still isn’t going to end well for him.

-Stannis is not giving up despite his defeat, thanks to some encouragement from the show’s token evil sorceress in Melisandre.

-Jon Snow has managed to escape danger (for now), is off with Ygritte to meet the King Beyond the Wall. Casting suggestions here? He’s certainly in a better position than Bran (who is running straight into danger up north) and Sam. Remember the White Walkers? We’ve been wondering what happened to them, but they turned up in the closing minutes of this episode. (Maybe this is the dead that Theon was talking about…)

-The biggest shocker during the finale came courtesy of Dany, who managed to take down the House of the Undying — but not without a rather dangerous cameo from Jason Momoa! (Oh, Drogo.) Her dragons are starting to breathe fire, and thanks to locking away Xaro she may now have just enough money to make it out of Qarth and back home. Dany has never been in such a good position to actually get home — and never have we cheered her on more.

Ultimately, this was a “Thrones” for the ages. What a way to finish season 2 — with an incredible episode that felt shorter than its 64-minute running time, and one that makes us more than a little anxious to see what is coming up next. The most shocking thing? We enjoyed it without Cersei even being around to work her evil.

Now that the episode is over, what do you think about both this finale and season 2 as a whole?

Photo: HBO

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