‘Punk’d’ review: Ashton Kutcher takes on Drake, Kim Kardashian

How did Ashton do?

Punk’d” has been fairly entertaining with some other people stepping into the reigns as host — but nothing really equals seeing Ashton Kutcher don the trucker cap and going out to humiliate some A-list celebrities.

For Sunday night’s new episode, Ashton came back specifically to take on two of the biggest stars out there at the moment, and one of them was definitely one for the ages.

Drake – There were so many gems within this stunt. First, the rapper somehow believed that Vice-President Joe Biden was a big fan of his music and wanted to actually meet him. Then, he was perfectly duped into believing that there was an earthquake on the way to meet him.

This was complete and total chaos, mostly when it came to the way Drake started to spontaneously freak out while the “Secret Service” tried to contain him. Basically, the rapper is going to have a tough time ever convincing anyone that he is a tough guy again. Grade: A+

Kim Kardashian – What happened to Kim was funny, but at the same time we actually had a pretty hard time really believing that she was actually falling for the trick. Wouldn’t Khloe or Scott Disick have warned her after being the target of tricks themselves earlier this season?

This stunt was really a variation on something we have seen many times already this season — Kim was made to believe that she caused a disaster on the road, and then she panicked about it. We preferred this more when it was Taylor Swift and she ruined someone’s fake wedding. Grade: B

Overall, it was a thrill to see Ashton back again on the show that he first helped to create — and really, the stunt involving Drake made up for any deficiencies elsewhere.

What did you think about Ashton’s return to the show?

Photo: MTV

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