Could Nicole Scherzinger really be full-time ‘X Factor’ UK judge?

Could Nicole replace Kelly?

We have seen some rather surprising moves in the world of reality television in recent weeks — but the news surrounding Nicole Scherzinger’s possible relocation to “The X Factor” in Britain may be among the most surprising of all.

Not long after she served as a guest judge for one of the audition episodes of the show, the British tabloids started to run a plethora of stories claiming that Nicole could ultimately replace Kelly Rowland full-time — meanwhile, some others contradicted these reports by saying that it is incredibly unlikely to happen.

If you take the tabloid reports out of the equation (mostly because they are so contradictory at this point), it’s easy to see both sides of this story. From one perspective, it makes sense for Nicole to take the job despite getting booed and heavily criticized for her lack of tough criticism in America this past season — she is actually more popular in Europe than in America, and the “X Factor” audience is already more than familiar with her as an onscreen personality. Meanwhile, it also makes some sense for the show — Nicole has direct connections to Simon Cowell, who is still a rock star overseas despite him leaving the show last year to focus on what is happening here in America.

Tell us — do you think that Nicole should consider joining the British show, even when things took such a turn for the worse for her in America?

Photo: ITV

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