‘The Bachelorette’ rankings: Arie Luyendyk stays Emily Maynard’s #1

Staying at the top.

For our second edition of “The Bachelorette” rankings, you are going to find some things rather similar to what we saw the first time around. Arie Luyendyk Jr. is still Emily Maynard’s most-likely choice, and there are some other names in here that you have seen before in other positions.

However, a lack of screen time for one contestant in particular has led to him all but disappearing from the radar — and another man surged courtesy of a one-on-one date. Meanwhile, Ryan Bowers is gone completely thanks to his angry reaction to Arie.

5. Chris Bukowski (last week: not ranked) – Does Chris really have a shot at being Emily’s Mr. Right? We’re still hesitant to list him as a favorite, mostly because Emily seems to be cautious about the fact that he is only 25 years old. (Then again, we don’t think this is far — you can be far older on the inside than your age suggests, and in some ways Emily is a primary example.)

You can’t at least deny that there is some pretty tangible chemistry here between the two, and they survived the first danger date of the season — and these tend to carry people far.

4. Jef Holm (last week: #2) – What happened to Jef? After making a huge splash in the premiere and getting a rose on the first group date, he all but disappeared during this past episode.

With a guy like this, we really wonder just if he is going to be too different from what Emily is looking for when it comes to a typical man’s man — he’s the odd man out of the top five, but don’t opposites sometimes tend to attract?

3. Doug Clerget (last week: #3) – It only makes sense to keep Doug at #3 for the time being, mostly because he’s Emily’s safest choice out of anyone on the list. As a dad he already knows what it means to have a child, and he is ready for her lifestyle more so than pretty much anyone else on this list.

May Emily be looking for something a little more daring? That’s the only thing that could seemingly hold Doug back, in particular since they have not spent a tremendous amount of time together.

2. Sean Lowe (last week: #5) – While we found Emily’s friend hitting on Sean to be a little bit creepy, she did not seem to agree. As a matter of fact, Emily found his shirt-tossing, fun-loving attitude towards her pals to be a good thing. Not only did he receive the rose on the date, but he seems to really have just about everything she is looking for.

There also still seems to be a bit of an unpredictability factor here, which does separate him to an extent from Doug.

1. Arie Luyendyk, Jr. (last week: #1) – Arie stays at the top for one primary reason this week — it’s pretty clear that Emily is into him more so than anyone else in the house. He got the first kiss, and she didn’t even bother to really hide it from anyone else.

The biggest thing that stood out here is that when Alessandro pretty much stomped all over her heart last week, Arie was the first person Emily went to. We saw this last with Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum, and we know how that turned out.

At this stage of the game, who do you think Emily is likely to pick above anyone else?

Photo: ABC

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