‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoilers: Watch the first ten minutes of season 3 premiere

A new mystery is born.

While we may not know for sure what happened “that night” just yet, we can say one thing based on the just-released video footage from “Pretty Little Liars” — the June 5 premiere is going to be rather interesting.

Within the first ten minutes of season 3, a brand-new mystery is going to be born based on not just Alison’s empty grave, but why in the world Emily went to the cemetery armed with a shovel. After getting drunk with her friends during a post-summer celebration, she lost all memory of what happened in between her falling asleep and then waking up at the graveyard. It’s a bit like “The Hangover” … only scary.

To make matters even more frightening, Emily received a few calls on her phone during the whole ordeal — while one of them was from a blocked number, the other was from Spencer. The twist? Spencer didn’t call her, and there must have been someone who snuck into the house while everyone was asleep.

While it’s unclear if the story introduced in this video will be the primary plotline for the season, the re-opening of Alison’s grave is going to make all of the Liars targets again now that they are back together. In addition, it may also cause “A” (or someone operating in their stead considering what has happened to Mona) to come out to play yet again…

Do you think this clip is the perfect setup for what we should expect this season?

Photo: ABC Family

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