‘Veep’ preview: Julia Louis-Dreyfus and damage control

There's only two episodes left.

After last week’s episode of “Veep” — which we proclaimed to be one of the funniest half-hours that we have seen so far all year — the stakes have certainly been raised for what Vice-President Selina Meyer and the rest of her staff intend to do next. We have one of the most powerful women in the world hiding what looks to be a pregnancy, and she also has a major scandal unfolding due to her supposedly firing a Secret Service agent due to the way in which he smiled (which is pretty much true).

So how is Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character going to respond to all of this? By doing some of what she does best? Panicking — and trying to figure out who is to blame for her misfortune. Her newest solution to the problems that ail her seems to be to release just about every piece of paper in her records, thinking in part that no one is going to have the time to sift their way through it. Little does she know that somewhere, a newspaper is probably making an intern read through every page of it for a small salary — and this will probably come back to bite her in a big way.

It took a few weeks for this show to really get going as something beyond just a showcase for its lead actress, and now the sad thing is that we really are just nine days away from the season finale. It was a smart move to give “Veep” and “Girls” such short seasons based on the risk factor, but we still can’t help but be sad to see this VP go off the air just as we were starting to embrace this show’s wit and offbeat charm.

Want do you want to see happen on the show before the finale airs?

Photo: HBO

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