‘The Pauly D Project’ review: 50 Cent and more Ryan drama

What did we see this week?

For the first time in weeks, “The Pauly D Project” actually went down a road that really gave us into some insight into what it is like to be a major superstar. When you hire your friends to work with you, the advantage is that you know and trust more of the people around you.

However, the major difference here is that you have to convince them that sometimes, business comes first. This was the focus of Thursday night’s new episode, as Pauly D finally ended up signing his contract with 50 Cent — but after there was some confusion as to whether or not Ryan should be there for the event, he ended up leaving his New York hotel room and skipping out on the afterparty.

Pauly was understandably upset about what happened, but also didn’t blame Ryan too much for feeling the day that he did. The problem is that sometimes boundaries are never made clear, and friends have a bit more flexibility to do what they want. Is Ryan the most likable character ever? No, and at times he seems to be angry for angry’s sake. But we really don’t blame him for not wanting to sit around in a hotel room all day.

Now that we are nearing the end of this season (there are only two more weeks left), the good news is that some of these stories are finally starting to wrap up a little bit. Biggie is interested in taking his girlfriend Mary Jane with him to Puerto Rico (where Pauly is performing at the last Britney Spears concert for her “Femme Fatale” tour) so that he can propose, but there is still a cliffhanger here courtesy of her being unsure as to whether or not she can get the time off work.

Next week, Britney is going to get up close and personal with Pauly — and even though you have probably seen it on YouTube already, this time you can get commentary on it straight from the man himself! If there is one thing that is interesting about this, though, it’s that this show was not the first time that Pauly and Britney spent time together on tour — even if it was the only time we’re seeing it on the show.

Photo: MTV

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