‘Punk’d’ review: Kellan Lutz has fun with Julianne, Derek Hough

Kellan was in charge.

When compared to some past episodes of “Punk’d,” there really was not that much in the way of star power Thursday night. The biggest star of all (at least outside of guest host Kellan Lutz, who was actually pretty absent for most of the pranks) was a former “Dancing with the Stars” pro in Julianne Hough, who kicked things off as the target in a pretty big prank.

Julianne Hough – Whenever the show comes up with something creative, we applaud it. Therefore, it’s hard to do anything other than smile after watching Julianne’s brother (and current “Dancing” pro) Derek Hough trick her in making her think that he was slowly becoming submerged in quicksand. It was simple, but effective — though we think MTV may need to considering making their actors a bit less over-the-top to actually make people believe that there is genuinely some danger. Grade: A-

Ashley Rickards – Unless you are a big fan of “Awkward,” you may not even know who Rickards is. She was certainly fun in this bit, however, even though the stunt itself — which was the generic “trick her into thinking she caused an injury in her car” that we have seen dozens of times before. Grade: C-

Aimee Teegarden – The same thing could be said for Aimee that was said for Ashley — unless you know “Friday Night Lights,” you may not know her. Really, what actually made this interesting was that she handled the entire prank about a mean stage dad and the daughter that he was taking to a move audition.

Once again thanks to some over-the-top acting, Aimee caught on to what was happening her pretty quickly — but at least still played along with what was going on rather than doing what Joe Jonas did back when he was a mark on the show. Grade: C+

What was your favorite stunt this week?

Photo: MTV

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