Fox’s ‘Touch’ finale review: A coincidence and a connection

It's over -- for now.

Even before “Touch” premiered this season, it was a show that was definitely intriguing. Who doesn’t want to see Kiefer Sutherland become a man with emotional vulnerability? Martin is a fascinating character to revolve a show around, and that has been the series’ strength.

However, at time season 1 was marred courtesy of Tim Krin’s excessive exposition, and a narrative that makes episodes largely hard to figure out until the very end — and then, you have to watch the episodes back to really catch everything that was important. Thankfully, the season 1 finale managed to stay away from most of the show’s choppy editing and often overuse of new characters, and it instead allowed for a pretty powerful story to shine through. Granted, we also had an advantage courtesy of two hours to really start to figure out just what was going on with everyone.

Basically, the story here revolved around Martin trying to get his son Jake back under his care — just as a care center was secretly plotting to send him away to an organization where he could be studied and prodded like a girl who came before him in Amelia. It was part mystery — as Martin tried to figure out just what happened to her — and also part adventure as his hunt to find Jake basically led them both being on the lam. Eventually, Martin ended up reconnecting with a face he had seen before in Titus Welliver’s Randall — who really ended up bailing both of them out with a car. Was this a little convenient of a way to stay off the cops’ radar? Sure, but it did link his story up to what Martin was going through — and convenience is really woven into the fabric of the show at this point.

Ultimately, we give “Touch” some major credit for taking some huge risks at the end of the day here. Martin took off with Jake away from the life that they knew, Randall eventually made the move to attach himself to something real, and Clea found herself on the unemployment line after finally taking a step away from her company. In the end, though, the biggest shocker was seeing Martin ending up coming face to face with Amelia’s mom using convenience (once again). It was a very cool way to end an ambitious season — and now, we only hope that viewers manage to find this series now that it is being moved to Fridays.

What did you think about the finale, and do you feel that the stage is set perfectly for a strong season 2?

Photo: Fox

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