‘The X Factor’ UK: Were select One Direction fans suspended by Twitter?

What happened?

We have heard some rather interesting stories regarding Twitter and their secret actions over the years — but even with everything that has went on with the social-networking site, this story still caught us by surprise.

On Thursday, a trending topic came online of “Twitter Unsuspend Directioners,” and it claimed that around 400,000 fans of “X Factor” UK sensation One Direction had their accounts taken down because of some sort of unspecified violation of the site’s terms of use. Some fans claimed to have lost hundreds of followers thanks to this move, and it certainly led to a great deal of outrage among show’s fans.

So what really happened to cause this? While Twitter has yet to officially comment (we’ll let you know when they have), it should be noted that the site is known to suspend account that are just relentlessly tweeting one post after another. Therefore, if there were a good many fans just tweeting the same message again and again in order to be noticed by Harry Styles or one of the other boys, Twitter may have taken action in order to clear up their servers, which have been bogged down (to the point of showing off the infamous “whale fail”) to users for a large span of time. After all, these servers do not run for free — and the only real form of advertising Twitter technically has is their “promoted” part of their trending topics.

Ultimately, there’s no verification on the 400,000 number — and it’s also likely that every person affected was not actually spamming the boy band all of the time. After all, Twitter has tried again and again to clear up their system of constant tweets from fandoms, but many of their efforts have been unsuccessful. For example, when they changed their algorithm for trending topics, fans of One Direction, Justin Bieber, and other artists merely found new ways to get around it.

Stay tuned, as we’ll have more on this story once it becomes available.

Photo: ITV

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