‘The Voice’ UK finale rankings. Is Bo Bruce or Vince Kidd the likely winner?

We are near the end of the competition.

After a pretty controversial results show on “The Voice” UK Sunday night, we are now inching closer to an unexpected finale. We have four artists who are each very different in style, and at this point it’s reasonable to think that any of them could feasibly end up winningt he show.

However, we can still do our best to rank the four finalists (as per our recent tradition) based on their overall body of work, perceived fan base, and even the popularity of their mentor.

4. Tyler James (Team will.i.am) – We probably would have put Tyler in at least the top three here of this group before his inch-away-from-a-car-crash performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” but now we’re wondering if either he or will.i.am know what sort of artist he is actually going to be in the music industry.

Is Tyler talented? Yes, but it’s also hard to recover from a bad performance — in particular one where the coaches really didn’t both to criticize you, and you thus may not improve.

3. Leanne Mitchell (Team Tom Jones) – While Tom is undoubtedly the most famous member of the coaching panel and may get some votes Leanne’s way on that alone, there are also plenty of people who felt that Ruth Brown was a more deserving finalist.

However, we’re not one of them. While we don’t know if Leanne could sell records in a field already populated with women who have big voices, her stock has risen fast following two of the best vocals we have heard on any version of this show.

2. Bo Bruce (Team Danny O’Donoghue) – Out of the finalists, Bo is certainly one of the most intriguing. She has an interesting story, understands the sort of singer she is, and also has a good working relationship with her coach.

The only thing that could hold her back? Finding the right song that suits her — more than anyone else, she has a very specific talent that only works with the right music. However, she is in some ways a combination of Bjork, Adele, and Florence Welch, and could have a great career as an indie artist regardless of whether or not she wins.

1. Vince Kidd (Team Jessie J) – At this point, Vince clearly has an inside track towards not only winning this show, but really making an impact as a pop star (which does not seem as likely for the other three). He has his own style that combines a bit of pop, reggae, and dance, and he already thinks like the sort of artist that sells out arenas. Even though this show is called “The Voice,” it’s important to do more than just sing — and Vince understands that better than anyone.

As for the intangibles, Vince is certainly helped by having a coach in Jessie who is one of Britain’s “It Girls” at the moment with a dedicated young fan base. Just so long as he continues to top himself, both he and his superstar mentor are likely going to be smiling from ear to ear this weekend.

Who do you think is the most likely to win this season? Be sure to respond in the poll and the comment box below, and check back this weekend for a full review of the finale!

Photo: BBC One

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