‘Mad Men’: January Jones, Christina Hendricks on season 5 story

It's been a risky season at times.

It’s not often that you get to hear the stars of “Mad Men” speak out about the show — so really, getting the opportunity to hear a pair of narratives in the set of one day is particularly exciting.

January Jones – Thanks in part to her real-life pregnancy, the presence of Betty Francis during season 5 has been relatively minimal. However, Jones seems to be more than fine with the reduced role — at least in the context of the story at the moment.

Speaking as a part of The Hollywood Reporter’s newest cover story, the actress talked about the “Fat Betty” storyline, and how it really felt more appropriate than trying to make the character pregnant again:

“I loved it. I didn’t want to try to hide it, I thought it would become comical and weird … And I also didn’t want to have the character become pregnant because it just wouldn’t make sense. It was definitely difficult, but I love what he did with the character’s story.”

We haven’t seen the last of Betty this season, and while the show is keeping just about everything else under wraps, just know that there is still an important role for Betty to play.

Christina Hendricks – Meanwhile, Hendricks’ Joan was part of a game-changing twist on Sunday night’s new episode, when she decided to sleep with one of the Jaguar executives in return for a stake in SCPD.

What may be a surprise to some people, though, is that this story was in the works long before this season even began. In a chat with GQ.com, Hendricks said that this story was delayed after it was introduced to her in order to have it make sense to the characters’ journeys:

“[Series creator] Matt [Weiner] had told me about that storyline… either last season or the season before … [He] was planning on using it before, but the development of the characters just didn’t get to that point. So I’d had some knowledge of it for quite some time.”

What do you think about these comments?

Photo: AMC

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