‘So You Think You Can Dance’ review: Meet Marshea Kidd, Ninja Twins

Hooray for good dancing!

The Hollywood auditions on “So You Think You Can Dance” are always some of the series’ best, and we are pleased to report that Wednesday night was no exception. We don’t know if it’s the show airing only once a week, but so far it’s a thrill to see so much talent (and so few “joke acts”) dominate the show’s two-hour run time.

The bad news? There was no Hampton Williams-esque contestant who literally brought tears to our lives. The good news, though, was that there was still plenty of fine talent, even among the contestants. There was also Jesse Tyler Ferguson — and isn’t he always a blast?

Straight to Vegas

Alexa Anderson – After getting so close to the live shows last week, Alexa understandably came back to give this another shot. Like so many dancers before her, she made the right decision — she’s more confident than ever, and we have a feeling that she’ll be around for a long time this season. (Plus, we love the rendition of “Young Blood” that she performed to.)

Eliana Girard – If this former Cirque du Soleil performer was not a particularly good dancer, we would have been stunned — she’s obviously well-trained, and already seems qualified to do a number of different styles. Is it possible that she may be too trained for a show like this? Maybe, but with her talent level we can’t see her leaving before the live shows in any shape or form.

Megan Branch – What hurt Megan is that she really didn’t get much in the way of an introduction at all before her performance — however, at the end of it we also showed off an energetic and fun-loving personality.

Cole Horibe – The best thing about this show is seeing styles of dance that are new, and what was creative here was that Cole combined a bit of martial arts into what was otherwise a contemporary routine. It was energetic, powerful, and different than anything else we have seen.

Stephen Jacobsen – Anytime you see a ballet dancer on this show, you automatically assume that they will be pretty good — but the first time this guy came out on stage, he was actually pretty terrible with a routine that was forced and quite frankly an uneven mess.

We’re awful lucky that Nigel Lythgoe gave him another chance, as he came out and completely nailed it the second time around.

Jasmine Mason – Jasmine closed the show with an emotional story about a car accident that she and her brother were involved with just six weeks before auditioning — one that left him in a coma for two days. Her audition was beautiful, but we in many ways were still pining for the other part of this story to hit the stage…

Marshea Kidd – Marshea following his accident was really a risk to even be out there, but it was a thrill to see a smile on his face just six weeks after breaking his neck. He’s auditioned for this show so many times before, but this may very well be his big break.

To choreography

Sam Lenarz – What was particularly interesting about Sam’s story was that it really didn’t need the story about her mother throwing her out. Her dancing was so beautiful on its own that she didn’t need to provide the sort of insight we received — as a matter of fact, that will be attached to her work from now on. Verdict: Vegas

Johnny Waacks – There’s “whacking,” and then there is this guy. With his disco pants and afro, this would be the perfect thing if you were in a club and 1978 and wanted to be thoroughly entertained. Unfortunately, this is 2012 — and it really just felt like a guy wiggling his arms around to the music. Verdict: Not for Vegas

David Matz – No, this is not “America’s Got Talent.” Those sort of shows are typically where you see circus performers move inside of giant rings, and we have seen this sort of act before — however, we haven’t seen this sort of performance done quite like this. It was an artistic, moving routine, but of course he had to prove himself in the choreography round. Verdict: Not for Vegas

Jonathan Anzalone – Several years removed from his original (and ridiculously cocky) audition, Jonathan returned in order to try and redeem himself and show that he was a changed man. Not only did he do that, but he brought a much-needed dose of hip-hop to an epsiode that was lacking in that department. Verdict: Not for Vegas

Caley Carr – This may be the strangest tap dancer in nine seasons of this show. He has a mustache perfectly suited for the 1970s, a tank top suited for pretty much nowhere, and tap-dancing moves that totally shocked us. The only thing that shocked us more was not seeing him go straight through to Vegas … and he still didn’t make it.

Sent home immediately

James and Nick Aragon (the “Ninja Twins”) – Yes, these two were completely over-the-top and at times alternating between hilarious and just downright strange. They may be the biggest personalities we have ever seen in the history of this show … and they just so happy to be pretty good dancers.

The unfortunate thing is that the twins were 32 years old, and were thus unable to move forward in the competition.

Who was your favorite during Wednesday night’s show, and were you surprised by some of the dancers who turned out to be good?

Photo: Fox

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