‘Game of Thrones’ finale spoilers: More on Tyrion, the King’s Guard

The finale draws near.

With the season finale of “Game of Thrones” now just a few short days away, we are now getting close to figuring out just where everything is going to shake down in King’s Landing — especially now that Tywin Lannister has seemingly ridden in (and possibly rendered Tyrion weak in his duties as Hand of the King, at least so long as the character survives).

To make matters worse, there was also the issue of some members of the King’s Guard turning on him. So what did one of the actors involved in the battle have to say? Speaking to “Access Hollywood,” Daniel Portman (who plays the young man responsible for potentially saving Tyrion) explained some of what the storyline for finale will entail:

“Without denying it, if there’s a better tactician anywhere in the whole of Westeros than Stannis, it’s got to be Tywin. Tywin is just an unbeatable warrior when it comes to battles. He’s just one of these guys that doesn’t know how to lose. But, yeah, I think Episode 10 is… for us, it’s more about sort of getting our bearings as to where we stand after the battle’s taken place because with the King’s Guard turning on Tyrion, that’s a little strange and I would think a lot of people are quite suspicious about why [the] King’s Guard were turning on Tyrion.”

Within this carefully-worded statement, you notice that Portman never actually says whether or not Tyrion ends up surviving — instead, he only stressed what the reaction of the guard may be.

Thankfully, we’re going to find out an answer to this pressing question pretty soon. Do you think Tyrion is going to end up surviving, and if so what do you think his place will be now in King’s landing?

Photo: HBO

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