‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Isaac Brown, Little Ozzy rule St. Louis

St. Louis really did have talent!

After a pretty woeful round of auditions in the Tampa Bay area Monday night, “America’s Got Talent” thankfully redeemed itself with some great fun in St. Louis. Not only were there some good acts and legitimate contenders, but some of the bad acts were actually pretty engaging in some sort of bizarre way. More than anything else, it was thoroughly entertaining! (Oh, and there was also a six-year old kid who could be a part of this competition for quite some time moving forward.)

The good acts

Isaac Brown – The moment Isaac came out, it was obvious he was going to do well on this show. He’s a cute kid (and they are always favored), and also had a pretty good singing voice to go along with a personality that reminded us of a younger Rachel Crow from “The X Factor.”

We said “aww” at least three times during this audition package, and we have a feeling he’ll be around for quite a while.

Spencer Horsman – Who doesn’t love a good escape artist? What made Spencer so effective was that his trap looked genuinely like something out of “Saw” — it was incredibly frightening, and felt more than just somebody getting out of a straightjacket.

The freakshow act – We love freakshow acts (even if Sharon Osbourne doesn’t) — we’re still unsure on their name (though we know the woman was called “Miss Candypants”), but it was crazy-cool to watch someone walk on broken glass shards. The show needs these acts.

The bad (or at least the ones not put through)

Tom Bonham – Before Tom actually came out on the stage, we were actually really hoping that he would be great. The guy seemed to genuinely love puppets and was totally into telling his own bizarre story with them — even if nobody else really liked it.

Maybe the with the right platform, he would do better — we sure hope so.

The girl who crushed soda cans – Sure, the judges didn’t put her through — but wasn’t this pretty impressive?

Little Ozzy – This was one of those acts that should have been really worse than it was — a guy dressed as Ozzy Osbourne trying to impress Sharon. In reality, though, he actually sounded a lot like Ozzy — but at least he got to hug Sharon at the end.

Ron Christopher Porter Jr. – Wait, is a guy coming out and narrating really that big of a talent? It’s a nice thing to go to a broadcast journalism school for. The nicest thing the judges did was let him hang out with Nick Cannon (but considering how emotional he was, we’re not sure Nick appreciated it).

Curtis Curtis Bey – With his occupation and blue-collar background, we were hoping he could be the next Landau Eugene Murphy Jr — instead, he was more or less a disaster.

What was your favorite act from the St. Louis auditions, and do you feel any better about the subpar crop of talent this season after seeing this lineup?

Photo: NBC

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