‘Basketball Wives’ finale review: Why tweet in Tahiti?

Are things really any different?

There is really one thing we don’t understand about some reality TV stars these days — if you are going to Tahiti, why are you spending so much time on your computer?

Sadly, this was a reality for at least part of the “Basketball Wives” season finale on Monday night. Jennifer Williams faced confrontations aplenty for her supposedly tweeting some stuff about her castmates that was not being appreciated in the slightest, and it may have only worsened the feud between her and Evelyn Lozada that was already at a face-slapping and table-brawling level earlier this season.

These two eventually did meet up outside (thankfully) to try and pan things out, but it’s fair to say it didn’t exactly go well — the two proceeded to rail on each other for getting involved with some past romantic exploits, and in particular Evelyn seemed intent on reminding everyone about what Jennifer did in Las Vegas (which does seem to be on some level violating one of the intrinsic rules about Las Vegas to beg with). Jennifer’s reply? That everyone has skeletons — which is true, but not everyone has to deal with them on this level.

Unfortunately, what the final few episodes of this season taught us was that there can really be too much drama? Kesha had already left the island in anger, and there seemed to be more time spent shouting back and forth in this episode than actually having a good time. Note to the ladies — a little fun can go a long way. We were not surprised at all to see the end of the episode focusing on Shaunie doubting whether or not she can actually go through with this experience anymore after everything she has been put through. (Rumor has it, though, that she will be back for season 5 — but this may not be the case with Jennifer.)

Did you enjoy this episode, and are you as confused as we are about the whole “tweeting in Tahiti” phenomenon?

Photo: VH1

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