‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Hailing the Distinguished Men of Brass

Who stood out in Tampa?

America’s Got Talent” took off to Tampa Monday night, and the show did just about everything they could to claim that they found some great acts after a first few episodes that were somewhat lacking in the actual “talent” department.

Unfortunately, the tradition really didn’t change this week — there were a few decent performers, but no one that really made us actually excited for the live shows later in the summer.

The good acts

Inspire the Fire – When this group called themselves the “urban ‘Glee,'” it was easy to laugh — mostly because people who compare themselves to Rachel Berry and company generally end up being out of their minds.

This group was at least partially right. Their singing was decent, and their dancing was more or less the same. We wish they focused a little bit more on the vocals since we see so many dance groups like this already, but we are at least happy something relatively original is in the competition this season.

All That! – Now, we are a little bit confused. The group shares the same name as the cloggers who were back on season 1 who made it to the finale, and we’re a little confused as to if they are the same group or not. After all, how many all-male clog groups are there? They are great, but “AGT” is re-using old acts we’re concerned already.

The Distinguished Men of Brass – This was just so much fun, mostly because it was something that we haven’t quite seen before. It was part marching band, part singing group, and 100% entertaining.

Ulysses – We love to be surprised, so we were hoping that this guy with his white curly hair was going to come out on stage and be the next Susan Boyle. Instead, he was just a decent singer with a corny gimmick in singing classic TV theme songs.

Despite our protests, though, Nick Cannon dubbed him “amazing” and he was put through to the next round.

The bad

Michael Griffin – Introducing the world’s most irritating escape artist! What made his schtick all the funnier was that Howard Stern had to tie him up, and he seemed to take great pleasure in it.

We actually didn’t think his talent was not bad, but he really didn’t do enough to convince them that he was good enough to make it through the next round.

The dancing girls in bikinis – We wonder who bet these four ladies to come on stage wearing next to nothing and party around the stage. It almost felt like this was what these women would do maybe at a beach party drunk … but not on stage for a million bucks.

The Edward Scissorhands guy – He was barely mentioned, but it was certainly worth mentioning just because it was so bizarre that a guy literally thought he could come on the stage and cut hair.

What did you think about the Tampa auditions (which were actually filmed in St. Petersburg), and are you starting to get as worried as we are about some of the overall talent for the season?

Photo: NBC

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