‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoilers: Shay Mitchell on ‘support’ for Emily post-Maya

It's almost back!

Can you believe that we are just over one week away from the return of “Pretty Little Liars” to TV? Well, believe it! As we near the beginning of a brand-new story in Rosewood, we are going to have more in the way of spoiler dish about what to expect.

As we’ve already said, Emily is going to have a tougher road than most to happiness following the death of Maya, but she may have more help than you would think courtesy of Maya’s cousin Nathan (played by Sterling Sullivan). Speaking to HollywoodLife in a new interview, Shay Mitchell says that Emily and Nathan will have a good many scenes together going through the coping process. In addition to that, she also promises that eventually we will see the character taking her next steps forward in life — even if that does not mean diving immediately into a relationship with Paige or someone else:

“Emily will eventually have to move on … That is life. It’s unfortunate, and yes, she is mourning the loss of Maya, as is everybody. But at the same time, I think it’s also important to show that life does go on. So they have to understand that as well, but Maya is definitely a very special character.”

Just how significant was the loss of Maya to “PLL” fans? As we’ve written about previously, fans have campaigned to try and get the character written back into the story. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that her absence will be felt by more than just the characters in the story.

How do you want to see Emily move on after the tragedy at the end of last season, and do you think that “A” or someone else is really responsible for what happened to Maya?

Photo: ABC Family

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