‘Mad Men’ review: Joan’s move; Don’s peril

Joan has herself a new position.

While the suits of “Mad Men” may like to think that they are in power, this episode was really all about the ladies — and in the process, it contained a pair of game-changers that could alter the course of the entire series moving forward. (It also contained a story that could have been a game-changer had things worked out differently.)

Joan – After it was looking like Jaguar was going to bail from the company, there was a caveat — in order to get a deal done, Joan had to sleep with one of the sleazy company executives.

This really turned into a way for Joan to get some valuable leverage. While Pete was originally hoping to give her $5,000 in return for her one night, Lane (who was really just looking out for himself after taking money from the company last week) presented her with something even more appealing — a 5% stake as a partner.

Joan made this move thinking about her family’s future, but what she didn’t realize was that there was one partner who was not fully on board with the idea — Don Draper, who had said no to the initial pitch and was not aware anything else was happening.

Peggy – Don’s bad week continued courtesy of Peggy, who finally decided to ditch Don and go to a rival company for a larger sum of cash. Not only can she now be at a place where she is really respected, but she’ll also get an opportunity to really move forward in her career.

While she had made her mind up before the stellar closing scene with Don, him informing her about Joan’s new status was easily the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Megan – While Peggy and Joan were able to land themselves in better positions this week, Megan’s hopes and dreams did not end up coming so true.

After finally landing a callback for a Broadway show, she was quickly met with disdain by Don, who was fuming that the show would cause her to be in Boston for rehearsals and previews for three months. Is it fair to say that he caused her final audition to go down terribly? Definitely — and while we like to hope that he sees the error of his selfish ways now, he probably hasn’t.

The good news for Megan is that she’s not going to give up, and there may be something else that comes her way in the future.

What did you think about the action this week — and are you envisioning a Peggy / Don showdown at rival companies as we are?

Photo: AMC

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