‘Veep’ review: Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ finest (and scariest) hour


For the first five weeks of “Veep,” we have found it to be an engaging show, but also one with its fair share of flaws — namely that most of the supporting characters are ultimately indistinguishable and it is too much of a showcase for Julie Louis-Dreyfus rather than the full ensemble.

However, much of that changed courtesy of Sunday night’s episode — one that not only marked a shining moment for the entire cast, but also may be one of the funniest half-hours of TV we have seen all season. The basic premise here was simple enough — after being saddled with a campaign designed to combat obesity, Vice-President Selina found herself trapped in a room of food executives at a baseball stadium with some healthy food that no one wanted to eat. The problem? She was distracted thanks to a visit to a school she was set to make along with the news that she may be pregnant.

This pregnancy scare is really what ignited this episode into something great. Selina told Amy, who in turn told Mike. Mike was forced later into dealing with a pushy reporter about Selina supposedly firing a Secret Service Agent because of his smile, and when he conveyed the news back to Amy he said that the press thinks that Selina is “repugnant.” Unfortunately, Amy heard this as “pregnant” and the panic began.

Watching the full staff go into damage control was a joy — whether it be Gary buying multiple pregnancy tests (and having to disappoint his father, who wanted a picture of him with the Baltimore Orioles) to Dan believing that Amy was actually the one expecting children … and with Jonah of all people. (Ironically, Jonah was actually one of the most helpful people this week — but Selina didn’t believe that he really knew anything about baseball and shut him down.)

The end of the episode provided a brilliant bit of good and bad news. Despite Selina setting up a fake proposal with her boyfriend Ted (who is played by the man we will always know as David Wallace from “The Office” in Andy Buckley), the pregnancy story hadn’t actually leaked — however, it turns out (per Gary, at least) that she is in fact expecting, and this is going to hit the fan at some point.

Did you love this episode, and are you starting to love Tony Hale and the supporting cast?

Photo: HBO

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